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Chapter III: A chase of terror and a meeting of Unconventional liberties

Terror. That was what I was feeling. Pure terror.
I had researched about hordes of monkeys, baboons, and gorillas. The books and research notes said they could be very dangerous… But they said nothing about the fear you experience.
I simply smiled nervously before the menacing wall of baboons, snarling at me.
I started to back away slowly, "Oh… You see I told you they'd be cross! Heh! Go easy on him, children will be children- OWW!"
And of course, I manage to trip on a stump when rambling. That was my one fault. Rambling incoherently when nervous, frightened, or shocked.
I looked up and gasped as the entire wall of baboons lunged at me.
And the only thought that was running through my mind?
For your life!
I shrieked as I got up from my fall, running full speed through the jungle. And it wasn't exactly easy with a huge victorian dress, and ankle boots on.
Adrenaline pumping through my body, I kept on sprinting… To a giant gorge.
Oh why?! Is it my time to die already?! I haven't even gone to America yet!
I looked back towards the horde for a brief second, thinking which was more gruesome.
Well considering the fact the baboons tearing me to pieces will probably hurt, and instant fall will be better.
I took in a large breath and ran with all my might. And at the last step of the gorge, I made a mighty jump into my demise.
Why did it have to end like this? Why couldn't I have at least set my eyes on ONE gorilla. Goodbye father, my friends, and that amazingly cute man… in…

Why am I not dead?
I finally opened my eyes after an eternity, which was only about 3 seconds, and I… Was… Flying?!
My eyes shifted back and forth between the lush green jungle passing beneath me, as if I was in some dream of sort.
"Oh! Oh… I'm f-flying!"
My eyes shifted again to my sides and down.
"What on earth am I…?"
My eyes shifted upward, towards a pull at my waist.
I gasped, and gripped my umbrella in every so tightly.
There… Holding onto my dress… Swinging on a vine… Was a man wearing nothing but a loincloth!
So what did I do?
Oh, what any normal British woman would do if she saw this.
I shrieked at the top of my lungs.
It was probably the loudest scream I had ever uttered, and probably ever will.
The man simply looked down at me with a quirk in his eyebrow, as if I was crazy or something.
… Did I mention he was wearing a loincloth?!
And as if it couldn't get any worse, I screamed again, but in shock and fright.
For a blasted baboon was ravaging my ankle boot!
Luckily, battering it with an umbrella, I knocked the beast into the depths of the jungle… Along with my cute ankle boot.
A small part in my mind couldn't help but shout, "That was part of a matching set! Dammit!"
I shrieked as this… Wild man held my dress by the back and let go at the top, Sending me straight into his arms.
And then my eyes met his. They were green… But they looked lost… As if, confused by what I was… Or how…
What am I doing?!
This wild man is holding me like I'm his wife!
My face immediately turned into an angered one, "GAH! Put me down, Put ME DOWN!"
The wild man relented and lowered me down on the long tree branch. I huffed and dusted myself off, but that moment was short lived when I and he heard terrible growling.
And sure enough, the baboon horde came through a treetop in front of me, ready to mangle my face.
My mind went back into panic mode, and it seemed a man with nothing but a loincloth on would be a good alternative than the baboons.
"No, pick me up pick me up…"
I, quite literally, jumped right into his arms, and held on tight to his neck… Since he was diving straight onto a tree rollercoaster!
I wailed as he carried me down the rollercoaster-like tree tops, constantly twisting, turning, and flipping.
At the last turn, he threw me up into the air and caught me again… In a very "Not for the public" position hold as well.
I would be embarrassed if I didn't see a huge twist of vines and tree logs coming my way!
"Ohm noooo!!!"
I yelped and screamed through the horrible torrent of trees, constantly being thrown into the air and being caught in several uncomfortable places.
I thought we were finally out of danger, but of course the baboon horde somehow managed to get in front of us, and start to charge us down… Just great!
I immediately yelped, and climbed into the wild man, accidently kneeing his face. But I didn't particularly care at this point!
I hooked my legs around his waist, and sprung open my umbrella! I hid his face and mine under it to shield us from the charging horde as they ricocheted off of it.
And then… Nothing.
No growling, snarling, nothing!
I held up my umbrella and closed it up, and cackled to myself.
The wild man just looked at me with a confused look as to what was so funny.
I stopped laughing shortly after one last baboon had latched onto my face!
My luck is smashing isn't it?
My legs shifted to the wild man's neck, hooked around it like a ring.
I struggled with the baboon that was latched onto my umbrella, while I was constantly kicking the poor man's face with my bare foot.
But as I said, I could care less at this point!
I huffed as the baboon finally came off me.
Of course, my bad luck gets in the way again, and my head nearly detaches itself when my umbrella gets stuck on a vine… JOY!!!
My feet detached from the man's neck, and left me twirling over and over on the vine!
I screamed as I twirled and hung their ever so helplessly.  The baboon horde swarmed on both sides of the vine and SNAP! It breaks! Sending me and the horde into the abyss, with them trying to ravage me!
I screamed as I fell, but that fell short as well when I felt my bare foot being gripped by another. No doubt it was the wild man again.
But once again… "Very uncomfortable feeling".
I breathed in and out as the man swung from vine to vine with my foot in his and the entire horde latched onto my umbrella.
The wild man swung low above a huge tree branch that he intended for the baboons to hit.
To my displeasure however, it sent my flying away as the wild man let go of my foot.
But it sent me straight into his arms again, as the hollow log below us cracked on my weight.
I regained my composure, and immediately started pointing all around us as the horde swarmed.
"Ahh! Over there!"
I don't even know why I said it, but my mind was almost mush with all this movement.
And the next thing I know, I am being carried down the hollow log with the wild man right beside me.
I wailed as we slid down the trunk, and shrieked wildly as we fell into the abyss when it cracked.
I shrieked and shrieked! We were surely going to die… Why must it end like this?! With a wild man that is wearing nothing but—
"WOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed as the vine the wild man was hanging onto snapped up like a slingshot, propelling us forward onto a tree branch.
I was wrapped around the wild man's neck and was panting heavily. This was getting ridiculous!
Both of our heads snapped up to see the huge hollow trunk come crashing down towards us!
I screamed as the wild man leaped from tree to tree, swinging down onto one last treetop, with his body pressed against mine.
And it was over…
The trunk crashed onto the jungle floor, along with the horde as well.
I glanced down over the wild man to see. All the baboons were chitterling and chattering amongst themselves. They seemed to be panicking… But where was—
"Ehhh oahahah heheh oahahh ahhH!!!"
My head snapped upwards towards the two I was looking for.
The daddy and the baby.
Drifting downwards with my umbrella, the daddy was chattering to the man it seems… But why would he chatter to—
"Ooohha ehheha oohaha ehhaa?"
…And that did NOT come from the baboon.
It came from the wild man.
The one in the loincloth.
I snapped my head towards him as he… "Talked" with the baboon.
I looked between him and the baboon.
This was just… insane.
Too dastardly crazy for me!
I braced the tree trunk as they argued, and slowly scooted to the side…
Until the man turned towards me.
I froze and yelped.
I was frightened.
Very frightened.
What if he will do something to me? What if… Oh God, what if he—
I did a double take. Did he just take my sketch?
The wild man looked at the sketch inquiringly, and then gave it to the baby baboon.
I did NOT stick around to see the rest. Instead, I was quietly panicking over the side of the tree.
I tried my best to be careful, and nearly lost my other boot as my leg slipped.
"Ahh! I'm in a tree with a man who talks to monkeys!!!"
I could hardly believe I said that out loud… And that it was actually true!
"Ohh… I can't do this I can't…"
I slowly extended my booted leg towards the other tree branch, and barely succeeded.
"Oh this is good! This is- This is very good!"
I then extended my bare leg to the other tree as well.
"I- Ahh! Okay… One… Two…"
I pushed myself off of the other tree to balance myself… But it failed.
I yelped as I fell back into the same position.
I sighed miserably.
"Oh… It can't get any worse, can it?"
The cold drops of rain and sounds of thunder entered the jungle… At the worst possible time.
I simply remained neutral. This was typical. According to my luck anyway!
"Obviously it can!"
I closed my eyes as I lowered my head in the pouring rain.
As I opened them back up… I was welcomed with the wild monkey talking loincloth wearing wild man staring at my face.
And what did I do?

I shrieked.
I yelped and balanced myself on two feet as he climbed on the other tree.
He put two fingers towards my chest, and pushed me inside the branch.
I landed on my butt with a wet thud, and scooted all the way to the brace of the trunk.
The wild man landed in it with ease, and was crouched in a… Gorilla-like state.
Although it was only a second, I looked at his body.
He was so well muscled, his hair were black dreadlocks, and his skin tone was tan. As if he lived here his whole life… And his eyes were alm… Wait, what is he doing?
Is… He moving closer?!
He is! Oh God, what am I going to do?!
"Stay back! D-Don't come any- Don't come any closer!"
I said this as he was STILL crawling towards me.
With nervousness building up inside of me, I slowly raised my barefoot and pressed against him.. Not that it would do any good.
"Please, don't!"
Oddly enough… He stopped. He looked at my bare foot with a quirked eyebrow.
He slid back into his crouched position and took hold of my toes.
"What are you- What are you doing?"
The wild man then began wiggling my toes, as if he were playing with them.
At first my expression was confused.. But then it gradually turned into a smile… Followed by laughter!
"Ahhahahaha! Noohoho please dohoohoon't!"
Oh dear Lord, this was just embarrassing.
My feet are very ticklish yes, but no one has come close to actually tickling them except my father! And it was "This little piggy" as a toddler!!
"That tickles! Ohohohoh…."
He must have stopped, because I began to regain my breath from laughter.
"No get off, get off…"
I did NOT want him touching any part of me again, so of course I told him to get off…
Until I saw the wild heathen looking up my dress!
Out of reflex, I sent him backwards with a kick from my bare leg.
He shook his head like some sort of animal, and… scoffed at me?!
You're the one who tickled me, and looked up my dress you heathen!
"It served you right!"
But of course, this didn't stop him. He began to crawl towards me again.
"Now, you stay away from me! Like a very good wild man!"
He was still coming.
"You stay!"
Still coming.
"I'm warning you, my father won't take kindly to you!"
And now he was face to face close.
"That now- Now that's- Close enough!"
And then… He stroked my cheek…
No. Absolutely not! How dare him!!!
"Ooh, how dare you…What?"
I tried to slap him…
But he caught my hand.
He looked at it with full curiosity, following it's every curve.
But it seemed he saw the tear in my glove that I had on.
He took hold of the glove, and pulled it off slowly.
And then my hand was bare.
He stared at it as if he had seen one before… But he seemed confused as well.
He then placed his hand to mine… And our hand mirrored each other perfectly.
I simply stared at our hand interlocked.
Why was he doing this? Why WOULD he do this?
But then my eyes locked with his… And… I think I understood.
His eyes… looked so happy… But lost…
As if I am the first human he had ever encountered… Which could explain the things that just happened two min-?
Wait… He's moving closer again!
"Ohhh…. Uh… Umm!!"
He placed his head right in between… My breasts.
Oh God! This is just too much!
I didn't put up a struggle and just shut my eyes as he stayed there.
God, why was he doing this? I can see becoming interested in my different features, my small petite feet for example, but… It's as if he was listening to my—
But my thought was interrupted when the wild man took hold of my face, pulling me towards his chest!
"Oh dear! Oh dear, oh dear, ooohh dear!"
I smiled nervously as I pushed myself off of him gently, "Yes that's a lovely heartbeat… It's very nice!"
It didn't seem like he was going to hurt me, so I gained my composure back…
And I realized my hair was a mess. Ugh! I hated that. This jungle's humidity is so—
"It's very nice!"
No, no it really isn't.
"Oh well thank you, but I can't do a thing with it in this humidity though it—"
Did this man just… Speak English?!
I gasped, and turned my head towards him, letting my hair fall down again.
"You DO speak!"
I sighed with a relief; perhaps he wasn't a savage at all!
"And all this time I thought you were just a big wild quiet silent person thing, heh!"
And at this point, I began rambling… As usual.
"Why didn't you tell me? I mean I'm rather curious as to whom you are, and I'd loved too—"
Once again, I was interrupted by him.
When he placed his hands on my lips…
I felt a little taken aback by that.
I don't ramble that much, do I?
Then he beat his chest… Like a gorilla, to be frank.
"Hnh, Tarzan!"
I simply showed a face of confusion as to what he meant.
He scooted closer to me, "Taaaarrrrzaaaaan…"
…Again, I was confused.
Maybe if I said it?
And to that, he grunted and jumped all about, smiling.
Why… OH!
It was his name!
"OH I see!"
"OH I see!"
He then pointed to himself, "Tarzan!"
And then pointed to me, "OhIsee?!"
So I got the impression he was not understanding me at all for the past five minutes.
I pushed his hand away, "No no no, no! Ahem… I'm Jane."
I then gestured to him for his name.
"No no no! Ahem, I'm Jane!"
And then he gestured to me.
I shook my head.
"No, no…"
I pointed to myself, "Jane."
Then to him, "Tarzan."
And then to me again, "Jane!"
And he took hold of my chin, "Jane…"
He finally understood.
The sound of a gunshot snapped me out of my staring.
And that shot could only come from Clayton!
The wild man followed the sound, grabbed a vine, and hung over the side of the tree.
The shot rang out again. Louder as well.
The wild man had said it…
He was mimicking sounds! Of course!
I stood up on my two feet, though feeling a bit wobbly after sitting on my knees for 5 minutes.
And the work out I had just gone through with a baboon army chasing me.
"Um Please! Can you take me, to my camp?!"
I pointed to where the gunshots were sounding off, hoping he would understand.
Then, he mimicked the gunshot! Almost the same sound too! Amazing!
I beamed at him, "Yes! Clayton! Wonderful!"
He climbed up onto the vine, and put a hand around my waist.
Oh no.
Not again!
And of course, I was stammering.
"Umm… Oh dear!"
I had no choice but to put my arms around his neck once more.
I screamed as well dive bombed into the lush jungle.
And of course… He mimicked this as well.
Who is this… Tarzan?
And here we are! The moment where two worlds collide! :D!
This was really fun to write. The baboon chase, her freaking out, and Tarzan being ever so curious.

Anyway, enjoy!
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